Wednesday, March 28, 2018

How to Manage a Messy Car when Traveling with Kids

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. 

Do you remember the time when you and your partner boiled down the reasons for why and what kind of car will you two be purchasing? I remember when we decided to get the car we need, the budget was the main reason for it. Since we were just two at that time the convenience of getting the exact car model that fitted our budget became the main reason. But when we got kids, and extra space in the car starting to concern us, we traded our old car to a new one. And, that move was the best decision we made! 

Every time we travel with the kids, we spend the whole day preparing their things and stuff to be loaded into the car.

These consists of; a bag of diapers, extra clothes, food, toys, and again bags of clothes. Although we tend to pack light, you can never pack light when you have kids. I guess this concern will eventually become a little concern when they can manage themselves to pack their own things for travel.

Since we enjoy the concept of traveling because it gives the kids the sense of adventure and time to bond with each other in a compact space, kids need to get occupied while on the road. And, food is one of the best distraction for them. I know parents like me will agree on this. Food can be a mess when traveling. During the course and the experience we had traveling with kids, we somehow learned how to manage a messy car. The most common item that can cause this is food, spills of liquid food and drinks, crumbs, fruit peels, strong scent of a certain food and sometimes, soaked diapers and soiled clothing. 

A messy car can cause a lot of stress for both the parents and the kids. Here are some tips you can do to prevent a messy car:

  • always bring ziplock bags where you can dump food litters and trash, seal it every time to prevent leaking and also those unwanted smell. 
  • plan food to bring for the whole duration of the trip, use coolers to preserve food.
  • separate each bags for each kid, this will prevent food pieces to drop on the floor.
  • recycle old sheets to use and cover on top of the car seat.
  • use cups with lids, make sure they are secure and with non-spillage.
  • empty trash from time to time during the course of the trip.
  • do not overpack with food that might spoil.
  • teaching is the best discipline. :)
There's no reason for the family not to enjoy a good family trip, it can be messy but it's all worthwhile.
So, start packing things and hit the road...create memories for you and your family to treasure. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

How Do You Take Care of Your Hair?

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. 

Everyday routine for hair care can be overrated, with all the products in the market that can cater for every member of the family, one can't get that right and perfect product brand that you can stick too for a lifetime. We tend or always sort out for hair care products for so many reasons; a new brand that came out in the market, some celebrity endorsers, the price of the product, check out the product literature, chemically or organic based, etc. 

Imported and locally produced hair care products can be sold and purchased easily and options vary widely. Hair care products can be used to naturally grown hair or even to hair products such as hair wigs, hair extensions (curly, straight, or different kinds of braids like crochet braids and such). Divatress is one of the leading e-commerce company that caters thousands of hair care products and wigs, which you can use for party, aesthetic use and to achieve that everyday new look. Products from them are being used by professional stylists, make-up artists and even students which means affordability and high-quality of materials are to be expected.

Different hair care products you can use depending on your convenient time and of course practically aside for the money you can spend to buy a certain brand. You also need to consider things like chemically- treated hair and the type of hair strand. 

Shampoo, hair conditioner, hair serum, hair balms, hair wax, hair mousse, hair spray and dry shampoo -which I have not tried using it and of course curious about it. 

In my own personal experience, having a thin strand of hair which is due to aging and sun exposure, hair products are my go-to solution, volumizing hair and other hair care remedies to attain hair growth are always my consideration in picking haircare products. 

In buying hair products always check what is best for you, it doesn't have to be the same as your friends preferred brand name or your favorite celebrity endorser promotes. Choose what is right, and what your hair needs. 

Monday, March 26, 2018

BALDWIN CHAM VELASCO, Finance Executive, and aspiring Philanthropist

“You are defined by three things: your passion, your words, and your loyalty. In business, I always believe that a man is as good as his words. Business is not about scheming or going under the table, but rather, strategizing and being successful through merits and keeping your promises. Loyalty and trust are earned through time and lost in a minute. Business is an opportunity to create relationships wherein all stakeholders are happy, in the ideal world. When faced with inevitable challenges, strive to stay positive, optimistic and endure. Failures create opportunities for us to become better versions of ourselves. Everything is about having setting a goal and achieving it if circumstances do not lead you closer then it, then it only derails you. Always have a grateful heart and a purpose. These are the principles that I try to live by in business as well as in life.

As said so eloquently by the successful Executive Vice President of Filcredit Finance & Capital Development Corporation, Baldwin Cham Velasco, who has been with the company since May 2012. In just a span of 6 years, Velasco now manages a portfolio close to PHP500 million and manages all aspects of the financing company.

“I ensure the maximum recovery and collections of all regular, remedial, delinquent and bad accounts through negotiations, compromise, amicable settle and legal remedies. I make sure to exhaust all means necessary to collect through amicable settlements while maintaining good relations and proper documentation for the maximum security of Filcredit,” said Velasco.

Filcredit Finance and Capital Development Corporation (Filcredit) is a finance company that has been offering financial products and services since 1990. Filcredit provides a reliable source of working capital financing to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The company continues to further reinvent itself and is now diversifying their products, including micro-financing in its financial offerings. Composed of a team of highly-skilled professionals, Filcredit’s goal is to help companies better manage their cash flow so they can focus more on production, sales, business development, and of course, increase their bottom line.

As with any financial company, Velasco admits that constant creativity and resourcefulness are very important aspects which are needed to successfully manage the company’s treasury and renegotiate with the company’s non-cooperative accounts and convert them into cooperative compliant ones.

“I lead a very lean organization while ensuring to manage the treasury of the company the best way I know how. I create various business solutions and remedies for various SMEs to ensure their continued survival and further grow their business through financial partnering. I am very passionate about this and I believe that in business, as well as in life, there should always be a win-win solution, regardless of the situation,” added Velasco.

And to always achieve a win-win solution for both parties, Velasco says that it is crucial for people to always maintain good professional relationships with everyone around them, most importantly their banks and other financial institutions they are in business with. This way, their line of credit will always remain to be a viable option, should the need arises.

Velasco is in the business of managing relationships and as with this kind of business, relationship, being the operative word, is all about honesty, transparency, and trust. These three key traits comprise the secret to his success and continue to be the driving force behind his management style.

“I truly believe that my success really stems from these three innate qualities – being honest, transparent, and being trustworthy. I always try to incorporate these into the work environment that I am in and manifest itself in how I work with people and vice versa. By championing these traits, whether it be in the workplace or with my clients, I find that when the trust has been established, the sense of security is increased and people start feeling more empowered, thus leading to more productivity and a better outlook on life. Yes, over time, these priorities may change but what should never change, is my personal commitment to be as open, honest and be as transparent as possible, with the people I work with, and this I feel has made all the difference,” said Velasco.

As an aspiring philanthropist, It is Baldwin’s passion to also help the gay community and is a donor at the Sustained Health Initiatives of the Philippines, focusing on empowering HIV-positive occasional or habitual drug users who want to change by providing them with medications, assistance, counseling and other interventions that would help them have better lives.

Baldwin Cham Velasco took up Master of Arts in Psychology, Major in Industrial Organization, as well as Bachelor of Arts in Management Economics at Ateneo de Manila University. His works have been published including his research on LGBT Workplace Discrimination; provided research on Social Entrepreneurship entitled, “Pathways” and contributed content for the book, “For the People, With the People: Developing Social Enterprises in the Philippines”, which won the Cardinal Sin Catholic Best Book in Ministry during the Catholic Mass Media Awards in 2010. He was also the presenter for the Psychological Association of the Philippines for the research that he did on Social Entrepreneurship, Pathways in 2009.


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